Lu Wang

M.Sc. Student

member of MLA Research Group

School of Computer Science and Technology

Shandong University, China


Mail:  Lu Wang

School of Computer Science and Technology

Shandong University,Shunhua Road,Jinan City

Shandong Province,China



Tel: (+86)15169155641


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Currently I am a graduate student in School of Computer Science and  Technology, Shandong  University and a member of MLA Group,
led by professor Yilong Yin, and my supervisor is Associate Prof. Goingping Yang. I received my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science in June 2008. In the same
year, I was admitted to study for a M.Sc. degree at Shandong University.My research interests include some sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence:
Machine learning,  Pattern recognition, as well as their applications.





My supervisor is Dr. Gongping Yang .


Now,I try my best to learn more in these fields and I am  working on Machine learning.


 Lu Wang, Gonpging Yang, Yilong Yin, Fast Iris Localization Based on Improved Hough Transform. In Proceedings of RSKT'2010. pp.439~446, Beijing, October 15-17, 2010.