Jianqin  Yin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Member of MLA Lab,

School of Computer Science and Technology,

Shandong University

Address: School of Computer and Technology,Shandong University,#1500 Shunhua Road,JiNan,Shandong,China
E-mail: ise_yinjq@ujn.edu.cn

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Jianqin Yin was born in Shandong province, China. She received her Bachelor degree in Electric Automatization, Master degree in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems and Ph.D. degree in Control Science and Engineering from Shandong University, Jinan, China, in 2000, 2002 and 2013, respectively. Since 2011, Jianqin Yin has been an Associate Professor in School of Information Science and Engineering at University of Jinan, Jinan, China.

Research Interests
  • Machine Learning
  • Human Activity Recognition
  • Service Robots

  • Selected Publications
  • Bian Junxia,Yin Jianqin, Wei Jun, Zhang Ling. Static hand detection based on depth information and color information of the Kinect. CCDC2015. (EI)
  • Zhang Ling,Yin Jianqin,Lin Jiaben, Wang Xiaofan, Guo Juan. Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections Using AdaBoost on Grayscale Statistic Features. New Astronomy. (Accepted)
  • Feng Zhiquan, Yang Bo, Lv Na, Xu Tao,Yin Jianqin,Zhao Xiuyang.Motion-towards-each- other-based hand gesture initialization. Pattern Recognition. 2015,48:4049-4056.
  • Yin Jianqin,Tian Guohui, Wei Jun, Li Jinping, Lin Jiaben. Research on the relationship of the support and the discriminative ability for classification of features, Acta Electronica Sinica.(in Chinese, in Press).
  • Tian Guohui, Yin Jianqin, Yan Yunzhang, Li Guodong. Gaussian mixture models and principal component analysis based human trajectory behavior recognition, Acta Electronica Sinica.(in Chinese, Accepted)
  • Feng Zhiquan, Yang Bo, Tang Haokui, Lv Na, Meng Qingfang, Yin Jianqin, Feng Shichang. Behavioral-model-based freehand tracking in a Selection-Move-Release system, Computers and Electrical Engineering,40(6):1827-1837, 2014.
  • Yin Jianqin,Tian Guohui, Zhou Fengyu. Human activity representation and recognition based on temporal order histogram in intelligent space, Chinese Journal of Computers, 37(2): 470-479, 2014.(in Chinese).
  • Tian Guohui, Yin Jianqin,Han Xu, Yu Jing. A novel human activity recognition method using joint points information, Robot, 36(3): 285-292, 2014. (in Chinese)
  • Yin Jianqin,Zhang Hong(University of Alberta). Visual ore quality assessment by image analysis, The IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation( ICIA'2014),Yinchuan, China.
  • Yin Jianqin,Tian Guohui, Li Guodong. Object localization and tracking based on multiple sensor fusion in intelligent home, 26th Chinese Control and Decision Conference(CCDC 2014), pp.5266-5270, 2014, Changsha, China.
  • Yin Jianqin,Tian Guohui, Feng Zhiquan, Li Jinping. Human activity recognition based on multiple order temporal information, Computers and Electrical Engineering, 40(5):1538-1551, 2014.
  • Feng Zhiquan, Yang Bo, Li Yi, Zheng Yanwei, Zhao Xiuyang, Yin Jianqin, Meng Qingfang. Real-time oriented behavior-driven 3D freehand tracking for direct interaction Pattern Recognition, 46(2): 590-608, 2013.
  • Yin Jianqin,Tian Guohui, Gao Xin, Zhou Fengyu, Jiang Haitao. Object searching scheme for service robot oriented towards inspection, Robot, 33(5):570-578+620, 2011.(in Chinese).
  • Han Yanbin,Yin Jianqin, Li Jinping. Research of an improved LBP algorithm in texture classification based on rotation invariance and statistical phase distribution. Chinese Journal of Computers, 34(3):583-592, 2011. (in Chinese)

  • Research Activities

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