Dong Yang

M.Sc. Student

member of MLA Research Group

School of Computer Science and Technology

Shandong University, China

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I was just admitted by School of Computer Science and Technology, Shandong University after my graduation from Shandong University in June 2007.
I am very proud to join MLA Group led by Prof.Yilong Yin. In our research group we have several research interests, and I prefer to do some application 
research. Currently I am working on a fingerprint chip project and algorithm improvement based on DSP(Digital Signal Processor).





My supervisor is Prof. Yilong Yin .


My research interests include:
  • embedded fingerprint algorithms
  • fingerprint transplant etc.

  • Publication

  • Liming Zhang, Yilong Yin, Dong Yang. Fingerprint ridge distance estimation based on ridge search. In Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Intelligent Computing, 2009, pp.604-607.
  • Dong Yang, Gongping Yang, Yilong Yin and Liming Zhang, Fast fingerprint matching based on multi-structure similarity, Journal of Shandong University (Engineering Science), 40(2):11-18, 2010. (in Chinese with English abstract)
  • (杨栋, 杨公平, 尹义龙, 张利明,基于多级结构相似度的快速指纹匹配算法,山东大学学报 (工学版), 40(2):11-18, 2010.)